quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

I Lost Love, in a Hopeless Place

I quit. Let me speak and tell the winds that I no longer want life living inside of me. Let me see the star’s shine one last time before I close my eyes for eternity and watch only darkness. Let me just taste the air that I breathe for this time, because after this I will no longer be breathing.

I’ve lost the thing I loved the most. Do you know how it is to live without hope? To live on a base of shattered dreams and unfulfilled promises? You just stare at the watch, seeing the hours pass and you feel your heart dying inside your chest. And there’s nothing, nothing you can do unless dying with your heart.

You crawl, slowly, to a hidden and dark corner, hoping, with any hope, that death doesn’t come too late. Because, if she does, you will die slower and the pain will consume you before the death does. You close your eyes and tears run from you, because they don’t want to be found in a corpse.

And you left yourself in that corner, because you don’t want to live with you no longer. Just because you’ve lost love in a hopeless place and, having it back is a lovely hopeless thought. 

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